Issue Seminars

Issue seminars are free and designed to gather the resources necessary for students to be more successful reporters. Students interact with experts who provide different perspectives and spend time developing strategies to localize the issues, using the information shared.

Race Relations
9-10:50 a.m. Friday
The New York Times reported in July 2015 that public perceptions of race relations in America are significantly more negative in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting and unrest in Baltimore. Sixty-one percent of Americans said that race relations in America are generally bad – up from 38 percent just two months earlier, according to the Times. Race continues to be a significant issue in America that should be addressed even by student journalists. This panel will provide essential background information on the topic, tips for media covering the issue, information and insights on the complexities of the issue, issues tied to social justice and resources for student journalists.

Climate Change
10-11:50 a.m. Saturday
Climate change and the issues related to it are reported on by major news outlets daily. Even Pope Francis has weighed on the issue, calling for a change. However, the topic of climate change and its impact remains controversial and hotly debated. This panel will provide students with news and information related to global warming and climate change that they could use to produce stories on the topic at their schools. Topics would include background information, tips for media covering the issue, and issues related to both the environmental and social impacts of climate change.