Rules of Conduct

These guidelines are established to ensure that all convention participants have a safe and enjoyable stay in Orlando:

  • A midnight convention curfew will be in effect Wednesday through Saturday. Students should be in their rooms, making no excessive noise, at that time. The hotel reserves the right to remove any hotel guests who make excessive noise or create similar disruption. Advisers/chaperones will be responsible for enforcing the nightly convention curfew.
  • No students will be admitted to the convention without a school-approved adviser/chaperone. At least one chaperone/adviser is required for every 12 students. It is understood that by the act of registering students for the convention, advisers assume responsibility for their students’ behavior and well-being during the convention.
  • Chaperones should recognize that they and their schools will be held liable for any damage to hotel/convention center facilities incurred by students under their supervision.
  • Rudeness to hotel guests and hotel/convention center employees; misuse of or reckless behavior on the elevators or escalators; excessive noise; destruction of property; or any other inappropriate behavior is not acceptable and can lead to expulsion from the hotel and/or criminal prosecution. Should individual students, advisers or delegations prove disruptive, JEA/NSPA officials reserve the right to declare all fees forfeited, and to send delegates home at their own expense.
  • Breaking convention rules may result in disqualification from all contests and forfeiture of any awards won.
  • Drinking or possessing alcoholic beverages, or possession/use of illegal drugs is absolutely prohibited.
  • All students are expected to wear their convention name badges at all times while in the convention center.
  • When outside the hotel, travel in groups. Your personal safety is our concern.
  • Participants give permission for photographs and/or video to be taken during the activities at the convention. These images and video will remain the property of JEA/NSPA and may be used in publications and marketing campaigns for future conventions with or without the names of those pictured.